All affiliates that are enrolled in the program will receive a competitive revenue share which is paid every month as long as the minimum payout has been met. FreeSpinsAffiliates is not just a unique concept but also offers partners a product that is unique to the market.

All affiliate payments will be made by the 10th of the following month and are calculates in accordance with the agreed percentage. All payments are done through bank wire and paid in Euro’s. A minimum payment of 500 euro will apply unless otherwise agreed upon with your affiliate manager. Any payments that have not met the threshold will be carried forward to the next month until the threshold has been met.

Commission Plan Percentage
0 euro - 2,500 euro Net revenue 20% commission
2,501 euro - 5,000 euro Net revenue 25% commission
5,001 euro - 10,000 euro Net revenue 30% commission
10,001 euro - 25,000 euro Net revenue 35% commission
25,000 euro – and over 40% commission


All Net revenue is calculated after player costs have been deducted. This includes but is not limited to bonus costs, chargebacks, game costs, payment processing costs and jackpot contributions. This is normally about 20% which is well below industry standards.

No negative carry-over

Just like most operators we will not carry any negative balances into the next month unless otherwise agreed with your affiliate manager. This means that all negative earnings will be discarded by the beginning of the new month.

NOTE: to be able to offer a ‘no negative carryover’ we will quarantine any single player that has won over 5,000 euro at the end of a month. This quarantined player shall be removed from the account and only placed back when they have become positive again. Large jackpot winners will not be deducted from your revenue share as jackpot contributions have already been deducted before.


FreeSpinsAffiliates does offer CPA but only in certain circumstances.

Contact us for specific terms and conditions please.